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If there is an Item you see on social media please call (740)-502-9825 and Marvin can help you out. From there we can work out shipping!


We welcome you to enjoy picking through 8,000 square feet of hand selected items from all over the USA.  


Contact us about exclusive offers and services specifically crafted for design professionals.



A collection of highlighted items



    There is no telling what one of a kind antiques and primitives you will find on your next stop to the Amish Country Pickers Antique Mall. The items throughout our 4,000 square foot showroom are from a single picker that hand selects items from all across the country. Items are picked out of barns, collections, and back road auctions. Our picker has a real eye for finding and buying quality decorative, unusual, collective, and rare items. He has been doing this for almost 20 years now and has on display in the mall some prized picks from his travels that include signage, blacksmith, americana, taxidermy, country store, and so many other rare pieces. It almost feels like you’re walking through a museum and around every corner you learn or see something new. Picking for antiques is his continued passion so you can be sure that every time you come visit our antique mall you will be sure to see something new.


    The prices are fair, and the mall is kept very clean and spacious for your convenience. If you see an item hanging on the wall be sure to ask the clerk to help get it down. If you are an interior designer or you are looking to furnish your home yourself, then this is the perfect place for you to shop to find all your decorating needs. You will be able to find that one centerpiece item that makes everybody’s head turn in the room or have great conversations around the table. Even Antique dealers and online store owners can find amazing items to resell and make profits on. So instead of wasting time and gas searching for items make a one stop shop at the Amish Country Pickers Antique Mall next time you are in the Berlin, Ohio Area.



Antique Item Questions Please Call/Text

Item Questions Please call the phone number or text 740-502-9825. Marvin will be able to help you out if you you are looking for an item or if you saw something you had a questions about. 

5916 Co Rd 168

Millersburg, OH 44654

Call: 740-502-9825


    Monday-Saturday 9am - 5pm


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